About Epigroove

Epigroove is the home of web designer and developer, Jamie Tibbetts. I like creating websites of all kinds and occasionally blogging about the tips and tricks that I pick up along the way.

I've been building websites since 1996, and I'm grateful that every site I've ever done has been for someone referred to me by one of my previous clients. I hope I can continue to work entirely by word-of-mouth recommendations.

Tools in My Belt

  • PHP ... My scripting language of choice
  • Laravel ... My favorite PHP framework
  • MySQL ... Tried and true
  • Sass ... I'll never write plain ol' CSS again
  • jQuery ... Makes Javascript easy & fun

Contact Me

My Pet Projects

These are sites that I've created for my own personal whims and fancies.

  • Babble


    Online word game
  • Iron Sudoku

    Iron Sudoku

    Daily sudoku puzzles
  • GiftBox


    Online gift manager
  • alt|meat


    Veggie product reviews
  • Nuda Tees

    Nuda Tees

    Designer t-shirts
  • Dozen Holes

    Dozen Holes

    Bets with friends