Solve the UI Bootstrap modal error: Failed to load template

Are you getting the following error when attempting to use a UI Bootstrap modal dialog in your AngularJS project?

Failed to load template: template/modal/backdrop.html

Make sure you're linking to the UI Bootstrap library with the templates included (i.e. ui-bootstrap-tpls.js) and not the plain UI Bootstrap library (i.e. ui-bootstrap.js).

<script src="//"></script>
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Adam Nov 5, 2014

I can't believe this isn't the default answer for:$compile/tpload?p0=template%2Fmodal%2Fwindow.html

Although it appears I can't write an answer based on the template variable name.

Adam Nov 5, 2014

And default answer for:$compile/tpload?p0=template%2Fmodal%2Fbackdrop.html

(adding it here for SEO purposes)

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Gerry May 14, 2015

Super helpful! I ran into the issue where having both the files loaded stops the dropdowns. Same thing if you only use the tpls file and exclude the ui-bootstrap file. Anyone else getting something similar?

Jay Jun 26, 2015

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